Hot Eyeglass Frame Colors

Just like with make-up, it’s important to do a color analysis to see what frame color looks best on your face. And, colors are hot this year when it comes to eyeglasses. Don’t just buy one pair. Buy ones for every occasion and look you want to achieve.

What Color Are You?

Just like with make-up, there are basically two types of color: cool and warm. To decide which you are, you need to take into account three things: hair color, eye color and skin tone. Each person is either warm or cool. Knowing which you are can dramatically change your look.

Hair color: What is considered warm? Carrot tops (of course), brown-black, golden or honey blond, golden brown and gray are included in the warm category. What is considered cool? White, salt and pepper hair, blue-black, strawberry blond, auburn, platinum blond and ash brown are all thought of as cool shades.

Eye color: We are working with natural eye colors here. There is such a range of colors besides the basic brown, blue and green. For instance, blue can stretch from violet on one end to blue-green on the other. On one end of the spectrum the colors are cool and gradually get warmer. The same goes for brown. You can have a light color brown which is considered warm and stretch to medium or even a brown so dark it looks black. That is on the cool end of the spectrum.

Skin tone: Lastly we take a look at skin tone. All skin color has undertones of either yellow or blue. The most common undertones are blue, making up about 60 percent of the U.S. population. Blue, as you might have guessed, produces a “cool” complexion and yellow produces a “warm” one. Since the glasses will sit on your face, skin tone coloring is a bit more important than hair or eye color.

Now that you know whether you are a “cool” or a “warm” you can start considering different frame colors. Like we said at the beginning, don’t get bogged down with choosing just one frame. You don’t have to make one do for all occasions. Mix and match to suit your coloring and your mood. Contrast with your wardrobe for a more dramatic look.

Warm color trends: If you are warm, try frames in colors like khaki, gold, orange, peach, copper, blue and bright red. If you like the tortoise shell look, go for blond.

Cool color trends: Try frames in colors like black, silver, pink, blue, magenta, dark tortoise shell, blue-gray and plum.

Trendy colors: Right now, you have an eclectic mix of bright and neutral colors to choose from. Depending on your gender and coloring, the hottest colors for women range from tangerine to driftwood. For men, coloring goes from a cool dazzling blue to a subdued grass green.

Be bold! Go for frames that make a statement this year.

The Best Eye MakeUp Cleaners for You

Why do women wear make-up? Well, it enhances their natural features. Even in the low light you can present a bold face to your public. But, what about after the night is through?

While make-up looks great, your face will feel even better once it’s off. Part of the responsibility of wearing make-up is knowing how to clean it off. Here are some different types of make-up removers/cleaners for your needs.

The health of your face depends on cleaning it thoroughly. Pores clogged with un-removed make-up can lead to acne, pimples and other skin irritations. No one wants that.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Start with a fresh new palette everyday by cleaning your face thoroughly before going to bed. Here are some types of make-up removers to consider.

Eye make-up remover pads – These are pre-moistened pads that are easy to use with no fuss or mess. Simply remove one from the jar and swipe across your eyelids to remove make-up. Some people worry about irritation from the chemicals in the remover on their skin. If so, try a hypoallergenic pad like Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads ($5.50). It works for sensitive skin to avoid redness and other issues. Almay pads are also good for removing waterproof mascara.

Cleansing wipes – If you want something bigger to hold on to, then opt for a facial cleansing wipe. They come in handy pillow pouches to carry with you wherever you go. Choose one that will work well on waterproof mascara without leaving your face feeling oily. Clean & Clear makes an oil free wipe ($6) that is gentle to your skin.

Eye make-up remover solution – You can apply this with a cotton ball or two. It removes dirt and oil without leaving an oily feel to the skin. And it removes waterproof make-up. One of the best on the market is Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover ($15). The bottle is small but a little goes a long way. Make each swipe count.

All over make-up removers – You can remove your make-up not just from your eyelids but also your lashes, lips and cheeks. Try Clinique Take the Day off Makeup Remover ($18). You do have to leave the solution on for a few seconds before removing it. If you feel oily after removal, wash your face with a cleanser.

Eye make-up remover lotions – Eye make-up remover lotions have a slightly thicker formula than solutions. You don’t need an applicator or cotton ball. Simply squeeze the lotion on the tip of your finger and rub it across the eye lid and the lashes. Remove with a damp cloth or cotton ball. Neutrogena ($8) makes a lotion that is hydrating and safe for sensitive skin.

Putting on make-up is only part of the process. Remember to remove it with a cleanser that will leave your face fresh and clean.

Trendy Beachwear for Women

When it comes to hitting the beach, many women dread the season of skin exposure. Instead of dreading it, though, why not get in on the latest trends? You'll probably feel more chic, and you can probably find a trendy look that fits your comfort level. It's not all about swimwear - it's about beachwear! Here are some of the trends for beachwear in 2012.

1. Ruffles and Lace
Sleeveless tops get a whole new look in 2012 - ruffles! Around the neck, on the front, or part of the shirt itself, ruffles are the new look for going sleeveless. Ruffles also adorn coverups this year, too, lending a playful addition to a traditional swimsuit cover.

Lace is trendy this year, too. It's appearing on coverups and sheer shirts that make elegant covers for the beach.

2. Rompers
Rompers are back, and so are jumpers. These one-piece classics are great to wear on the beach. There's quite a variety of rompers available for 2012, such as ones with built-in belts or flouncy skirt-like shorts. The colors are trending toward earth tones and blues this summer.

3. Handbags
In 2012, many fashion designers are aware of the financial pinch many are feeling. So the accessories for beachwear are exceptional this year - accessories give you a new look for less. Look for bright colors and funky shapes and patterns in handbags this year.

4. Strappy Sandals and Flip-Flops
The strappy look can cover a wide range of sandal styles. You will find some very high, cork-heeled strappies this year, as well as flats. Wedge heels are in for 2012, too, as are "gladiator sandals" with ankle-high straps.

And yes, flip-flops are back! Invest in a few pairs and get into the colorful flip-flop trend this summer.

5. Sundresses
Sundresses are classic beachwear. You can go barefoot in a nice sundress as you walk along the beach, or pair it up with trendy sandals for going out. This year, short or long sundresses are in, and so is floral print.

6. Sun Hats
Maybe it's because we're more aware of skin cancer these days - but whatever the reason, the sun hat is making a comeback in 2012. In fact, the big, floppy variety is making an appearance as well, complete with chin ties and scarves. It's a great way to help keep the sun off your face and shoulders while you're walking on the beach, and the chin ties minimize the chance that your trendy hat will be blown off by oceanside winds!

Computer Training for Beginners

Basic Computer Training: There are several websites and institutes that offers basic know how on computers and provides a detailed computer training to the beginner. In some of the organizations a few people may not still be aware about the operation and working of computers. Computer training for beginners is therefore not only beneficial for those individuals but for the organization also. There are lots of computer training institutes that designs courses suitable for beginners.

Computer training courses: The courses are well designed and include introduction to PC, detailed operation of mouse and keyboard, operating software, hardware and difference between hardware and software, email and Internet and Internet security. Depending on the needs and requirement of individual, the detailed program includes the software such as MS office, DBMS etc.

Beginners once take interest in the computer training provided to them, they not only learn basics but also enjoy working with computers. I remember many beginners getting confused with mouse and several people ask me the role of mouse. People do find games very interesting and learn the games very fast.

Once the beginners are taught theory classes they are asked to devote their time on learning computer training. The beginners must learn operating systems in details. The various hardware and software used for running a machine are also important and included in the courses. The basic course is not complete until and unless the people are not taught Internet and email. If possible some basic Internet protocols should be discussed with the beginners and people should be asked to run machine themselves. All safety and security aspect should be included in the course. Some people will need to learn more about MS office or DBMS.

Aim of computer training: A person having gone through computer training for beginners should be able to open and close the machine themselves, know the main hardware and software installed in the computer, should know the operation of mouse and key board, should know word processors, should know write, edit, send and reply the emails, should know the Internet access for various purposes and should be able to search through Internet.

The beginners after completing computer training for beginners, should also be capable to answer the questions related to any of the topic as mentioned above. They should be taught in such a way so they can easily carry out the required computer job without taking help from any other person. The practical computer training should be provided repeatedly so the people do not forget any of the lessons learnt. People should also be encouraged for practical computer training at regular intervals.

Conclusion: Computer training for beginners are aimed at to gain some knows how about the computers and carry out some Internet job independently. The computer training is designed for the beginners according to their age group or qualification. The outcome of such computer training is great, as many organizations now prefer to impart skills to their poorly qualified people.

Live Longer and Stay Healthier with Calcium Supplement

Have you heard the terms scoliosis or osteoporosis? Maybe yes, because these are the most common diseases that adults suffer nowadays. These are due to lack of calcium, which is the one who makes our bones strong.

Calcium plays a vital role in strengthening our bones and teeth. Recent studies also found out that calcium is essential to us because it increases our nerve function, blood clotting and in controlling our blood pressure. Calcium supplement is essential especially for adults because it aids in preventing osteoporosis and helps fight against hypertension.

Calcium is abundant on dairy products such as cheese, milk, yogurt and eggs. It can also be found on grains, one good example is quinoa, and in fruits and vegetables such as oranges and broccoli. However, there are available calcium supplement that are present on tablets or in capsule form. But just be very careful and you must take prior advice from a doctor if it is safe for you to take that kind of calcium supplements. Too much intake of calcium everyday would hinder iron and zinc absorption into our system and may also lead to various deficiencies.

The most recent research concluded that through eating foods that are rich in calcium helps to reduce the amount of excessive fats in the system. Dairy industries make advertisements telling that their product would aid them to achieve weight loss. Yet, this is somewhat considered a misleading conception in some ways.

Cheese and milk from animals are very good sources of calcium, but others are also packed with almost all kinds of fats. It would be advisable to eat those plants and vegetables rich in calcium that are not good source of calcium alone but likewise contain fibers and proteins with less fat contents that will help you lose weight. Coral calcium supplement is also a good alternative since it provides us the necessary daily calcium intake with much lesser fat.

When you are taking calcium supplements, it is important that the supplement contain vitamin D because it is necessary on the absorption of the calcium into our body. Avoiding soft drinks also helps you to reduce the risk of having illnesses due to calcium deficiencies, because sodas tend to strip calcium into our bones. It is always been the best advice to take balance diet and get the necessary calcium supplement intake everyday on whole foods, fruits, in vegetables and in grains.

Liquid Calcium for a Healthy Life

If you are looking for liquid calcium, it now comes with boron which can be a good supplement for the body. These supplements have long been available but they were made available separately. And today, you can have the healthiest liquid calcium with boron right at your doorstep by just ordering them online.

The Internet can be the best solution if you want to look for liquid calcium. Malnutrition has been fast spreading in the world that is why a lot of researchers have tried to look for more advanced and innovative ways on how to get the right nutrition. Liquid calcium added with boron can definitely solve malnutrition problems in some areas where food is scarce.

Nutrition is hard to find today and only some are able to obtain it. People sometimes go cheap about nutrition. If a person wants to stay healthy, he should take all the possible vitamins and minerals that his body needs just like liquid calcium and boron. Out body needs these minerals in order to perform body functions properly.

Some products that are out in the market can also be helpful because they contain the right minerals that you need for your body. Some of these products may cost higher than usual products but having these minerals included is a great buy already. If it has all the vitamins and minerals that you need, don’t think twice about sacrificing your nutrition.

A good diet with liquid calcium is important so that people will stay fit and healthy. It has been found out that people who take in proper amounts of liquid calcium obtain the right diet and a healthy body. Not only do they stay healthy but it keeps their bones strong. With liquid calcium, people will not be prone to serious types of diseases because they are given protection.

Mineral supplements are good for the body and it is a good step to maintaining a good health and lifestyle. To get the best health supplements, give your body the right nutrition that it needs with liquid calcium with boron. After taking in liquid calcium with boron, you will notice that your body is starting to react by giving it the right nutrition.

Now that you already know how liquid calcium and boron can help you have a healthy body, would you still go for other kinds of food that leave you with nothing but preservatives and junk?

Tips How To Clean a Laptop

There are 5 general parts of a laptop you need to keep clean: the case, keyboard (including the touchpad), LCD screen, ports and cooling vents.  Also, if you feel comfortable, you can choose to open your laptop to clean its cooling system inside, including the fan and heat sink. Cleaning your laptop's cooling system can help you solve overheating problems and laptop freezing, etc.

Of course, always defer to your laptop manufacturer's manual for recommended cleaning procedures.

Materials Needed:

Isopropyl alcohol - Isopropyl alcohol evaporates quickly and doesn't leave residue behind. It is also safe to use for electronic equipment, especially for LCD displays.
Distilled bottled water - Distilled water is your safest option. Never use tap water on your computer, as it includes minerals that can harm your computer.
Lint-free cloth – A Lint-free cloth, like the cloth you use for cleaning your eyeglasses, is the safest thing to use in wiping your computer screens. Never use paper towels, facial tissues or other types of papers in wiping your computer screen, as these things include flakes that can scratch your computer.
Can of compressed air – This will be used to get rid of dirt and dust trapped in tiny spaces in your laptop.

Step by Step Cleaning

NOTE: When cleaning, make sure your computer is unplugged, or if it's a laptop, make sure you remove the battery completely.

Step 1 - Make a cleaning solution by mixing the distilled water in equal portions with alcohol. Then, dampen your cloth with the solution. Remember not to wet the cloth, dampening it with solution is enough. You don't want your solution to drip in your computer. Also, never spray directly on your computer, especially on your computer screen.

Step 2 - Clean the case using the solution.  This can make it look like brand new again. Then, wipe your keyboard by opening the lid of your laptop.  Next, wipe the display using the same cloth. You can also use a new moistened cloth if the first one gets too grimy. Once again, never spray the solution directly to the computer screen. Use gentle pressure and wipe the screen in circular motion to prevent streaking.

Step 3 - Clean the keyboard and touchpad using the can of compressed air. This will help to get out any debris or dirt trapped in spaces. Some laptops include a built-in keyboard tray. If you have this feature, you can pour distilled water straight into your keyboard and let it dry for several minutes. Always check your computer's manual to be sure. Finally, wipe the keyboard and touchpad using the damp cloth.

Cleaning Ports and Cooling Vents
Use the can of compressed air to clean the opening of your computer. Spray from an angle to blow out dirt, rather than into the computer. You can use a cotton swab to prevent the fan blades from turning while you clean it.
Lastly, make sure your laptop is completely dried before turning it on.

5 Best Gadgets Under $100

5 Best Gadgets Under $100

Buying gadgets seem to be an expensive undertaking nowadays, what with many advanced and technological gadgets in the market that are powered by the latest technologies. If you are going to buy a technological gadget, you would most often assume that it will cost you a hefty amount. But would you believe it that you can buy useful gadgets for no more than $100? Yes, you read that right! There are some useful gadgets that you can get for an affordable price.

If you are a gadget geek, make sure you learn about what these are so you can add more to your collection.

1. Versatile speaker iPod or iPhone dock: Priced at $79.99.

You can find a lot of speaker docks for your modern gadgets in the market, but this one is a good value not just for its price. It works horizontally and vertically, which adds more flexibility into the product so you can use it with your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Furthermore, you can conveniently set it onto your kitchen counter while at the same time utilizing it to enhance the quality of the audio and video that you can get from the device.

2. Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch CTH460: Priced at $99

This gift is perfect for the modern artist. Equipped with pen and multi-touch capabilities, this is an ideal tool to use for sketching, as well as photo retouching. Wacom is a brand that has been manufacturing quality tablets for years and are deemed as first-rate manufacturers in the industry. If you cannot afford the $99 price tag on this device, you can go for the cheaper version at $69, although that one lacks the touch input.

3. Livescribe Echo Smartpen (2 GB): Priced at $99

Another $99 value gadget is ideal for those who love to write. With this smartpen, you can take your writing wherever you may go. Aside from writing, you can also use your smartpen to draw and scribble. When you are satisfied with your work, you can upload it onto your computer for further reproduction.

4. Roku HD Streaming Player: Priced at $79.99

If you are a couch potato, listen up because here is the perfect gadget for you – the Roku HD streaming player. This device can be connected into your TV so you can stream HD-quality TV shows, movies, and other content that you wish to enjoy. If you have a home Wifi, it becomes so much easier to explore whatever content you want to your heart's content.

5. Klipsch Image S4 Black In-Ear Headphones: Priced at $79.99

This is a perfect gift idea if you are looking for a high-performance headphone that is sold at a cheaper price. The Klipsch brand has been in the business for 60 years and this is a testament to the quality of their products. Furthermore, they have established their reputation in audio expertise that make them a go-to brand for those in search of quality audio products. Indeed, this is a good replacement than most earphones that are available in iPods or other MP3 players nowadays. Thus, it is a good deal for your money!

Mad for a Purple Wild Flower

Mad for a Purple Wild Flower

People always have something to get passionate, even mad about, whether its lingerie, a book, a color or a line in a song. Whatever it may be for each person's individual taste, always there is something that never fails to become his or her fetish.

For persons who are really into wild flowers, it may become into a passion in gardening and landscaping, too. Having a passion about wild flowers and cultivating them may also convert itself into a flourishing business and not just hobby.

Wild flowers are oftentimes too exotic that coming across one of them is an honor in itself. For those who are obsessed by purple flowers, coming across a live purple wild flower may be the greatest thing ever from seeing them in postcards and nature books.

For people mad about purple wild flowers, they actually have regal choice in their fascination. Purple wild flowers possess such daintiness that enhances their natural beauty. Though some species cannot be considered as exotic or unique tropical flower, they hold their own kind of beauty and spells elegance in their features.

Most specie of wild flower with purple colors can be located in the state of Texas. In spring, Texas boasts of meadows and riverbanks covered with blue and purple blossoms.

Violets are one of the most popular species of purple wild flowers. They have a fragrant variety called Sweet Violet. Another native wild flower of purple abundance is the Mealy sage. They grow profusely in Texas and other southern parts of the United States. Most variety of native flowering parts that have purple blooms is perennial.

Among the most widespread and well-liked purple wild flower is the Violets. Violets blooms are profuse when the May and June months come around. Grouse and mammals are mostly those who consume Violets sees. Violets are a wild flowering plant with much kind of species. One of its most recognized specie is the Dog Violet. Dog Violets grow later than most of the common violets species.

During the summer, Thistle is a purple wild flower spectacle to behold with its reddish purple blooms. It has hairy fruits that are useful for American Goldfinches' nest building.

Here are other purple wild flowers commonly found in some parts of the country.

- Horsemint Jacob's ladder
- Balloon Flower
- Chicory
- Alpine milk vetch
- Alpine columbine
- Fairy slippers
- Mountain blue bells
- Aster
- Parry primrose
- Rocky mountain iris shooting star
- Wild rose

Purple wild flowers are very useful in creating striking and fantastic wild flower arrangements for weddings and other kinds of parties that entail a certain note of elegance. As main feature or just enhancements, purple wild flowers never fail to delight and capture the interest of its spectators.

Since purple wild flowers stay fresh for quite an extended length of time, they are also very handy in making basket wild flower arrangements. Currently, purple wild flowers are not only used as embellishments for wedding decorations they sometimes also become the main feature to follow purple or blue motifs.

Since they are in abundant supply during spring and autumn seasons, weddings that are held during these seasons usually use purple wild flowers as main pieces in their decorations.

In any occasion, having a purple wild flower either as embellishment or as focal point in a decoration, adds a touch of elegance and simultaneously a quaint country flavor. It is perfectly reasonable for those mad about purple wild flowers to go gaga over them.
A Garden of Your Own - Making Use of Wild Flowers

A Garden of Your Own - Making Use of Wild Flowers

Like almost all other things created by and in nature, you will find that wild flowers are very dynamic creatures. They grow in splendor, some living to see the changes of the seasons while other terminates in their short lives. Nonetheless, there is a beauty that all wild flowers share which is seldom duplicated by other species of floras.

A wild flower garden is something you would not dismiss for being just-another-creation of the wild. No. Wild flowers are not your typical leaves-petals-roots-stem creatures; they are things that give glory to even the humblest patches of land.

So there is no reason actually for not wanting to put up a wild flower garden of your own- except of course when you really don’t want to. So here are some of the tips we could give to help you establish your own wild flower garden.

Remember that wild flowers are very tough creatures, they could survive in almost all living conditions- literally, from the harshest to well-nurtured settings. So to be able to maximize the growth and beauty of the species of wild flowers you want to grow in your garden, it is bets to research first on what conditions they could best adapt and the conditions that they would barely sustain with.

The best option really is to know what specific environment a wild flower is normally found. This is to say that you should look for its natural environment, metaphorically its roots. This way, you will no longer have to bother how to perfectly maintain a species. All you need to do is to help it settle in your garden, give some shower of love and watch it bloom into maturity.

Some wild flowers could live year after year while others would only took awhile to grow. So if the seeds you spread in the garden don't bloom yet, it doesn’t mean that it would never bloom. Maybe the seeds are just waiting for their own season to come.

As you might remember, wild flowers are well suited to the wild where there is obviously no one to tend for them. This is the main reason why they are very low-cost and needs minimum maintenance. You only have to make the garden very suitable for their survival and voila! - You will readily have a self-supporting garden.

You have to established them though, especially so when they are not in their native setting. Also, if you want to eliminate the weeds and the grass- though they sometimes make good additions if you really want a garden that features the simplest and most natural setting- you have to strategically work on some preparations. While some wild flowers could live alongside weeds and other vegetations, others would are not well-suited for competition. Thus, it is best o learn which wild flowers should be grown in appropriate distance from weed growths.

An ideal wild flower garden requires a basic mixture of wild flower species and native grasses. There is wisdom in incorporating the natural components of their real settings since these are where wild flowers are most well adapted.

While a wild flower garden is not as visually striking than other more sophisticated choices of species, wild flowers are more diverse which makes them a lot more intriguing and beautiful than the refined beauties.
Cara Paling Mudah Dapat Dollar dari Android dengan Kode Whaff Reward AF01524

Cara Paling Mudah Dapat Dollar dari Android dengan Kode Whaff Reward AF01524

Ada info menarik buat kamu yang ingin menggali dollar, sekarang tidak perlu repot-repot blogging atau pakai ads lagi, cukup bermodalkan Gadget Android kamu sudah bisa mendapatkan dollar dengan mudah dan tentunya tidak menyita waktu kamu. Hanya saja, dollar yang kamu dapatkan perharinya memang tidak banyak, paling tidak $1 – $2 dollar saja, tapi jika dikumpulkan dalam waktu 1 Bulan, lumayankan bisa dapat $30.
Penarikan saldo bisa dilakukan via PayPal

paypal 2 {focus_keyword} Cara Paling Mudah Dapat Dollar dari Android paypal 2

Sebenarnya inti dari WHAFF ini adalah Kamu harus mencoba aplikasi untuk beberapa menit, dan kamu bisa mendapatkan $0.10 – $0.30 / aplikasi-nya. Itu bisa kamu dapatkan setiap harinya, semakin banyak Aplikasi yang kamu install maka akan semakin banyak dollar yang kamu dapatkan.
shot_000002 {focus_keyword} Cara Paling Mudah Dapat Dollar dari Android shot 000002
bayar {focus_keyword} Cara Paling Mudah Dapat Dollar dari Android bayar
Mau tau caranya?
  1. Download dan Install Aplikasi WHAFF (APK)  atau Langsung dari Play Store di Android kamu.
  2. Setelah itu, Login pakai Akun Facebook kamu. Ohya, Masukan kode ini  AF01524 dulu biar akun kamu dapat bonus dollar dan ada isinya :P {focus_keyword} Cara Paling Mudah Dapat Dollar dari Android icon razz
  3. Selanjutnya, cara mencari dollar-nya adalah dengan menggunakan aplikasi-aplikasi yang ada didalamnya, atau bisa juga dengan mengikuti misi-misi yang diberikan, seperti menggunakan aplikasi selama 2 menit atau lainnya.
  4. Dapatkan Cash via Paypal atau Kartu Hadiah (Amazon Gift Card, facebook Gift Card, PlayStation Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Xbox Gift Card dan Steam Gift Card) ketika Anda mendapatkan lebih dari 10 dolar.
  5. Selesai